Did you know that the domain extension you will choose is important? It’s wise to take a few extensions into account and get a few of them. It would be even better if you are able to get a few spellings of your domain name too. In this way, you will be able to protect your online business and brand as well as the domain name you have selected. After that, all you have to do is to activate redirects that will lead visitors to the main site.

Domains extension is a set of two or more letters that come after the selected domain name. For instance .com is a domains extension. While we are talking about extensions we should also mention what top level domains are – they are the thing that comes after the last dot. So, in many cases, domains extension is simply a top level domain. However, there are situations when the domains extension includes a country code or something else. Now let’s explain this one more time with the help of examples. COM.AU represents a domains extension. .COM is a top level domain. .AU is a country code second level domain. AU is a country code for Australia while COM stands for commercial.

Now let’s highlight the most used domain extensions. As we already said, .com stands for commercial and this is the most used top level domain. Any individual or legal entity can use this domain extension. .org means organization. In most cases, non-profit organizations use this domain, but as in the case of .com any individual or legal entity can use this domain extension. Next, there’s /net or network. It was created for network providers and today every person and organization can register a domain name with an extension like this.

Furthermore, there is a .biz or business extension. This top level domain extension was created because there were many .com sites and most of the words were already covered. .gov stands for government and this is one of the domain extensions that can’t be used by ordinary people and organizations. Only government bodies and agencies can use this domain. .info stands for information and that’s why it’s usually used by news agencies and websites that are sharing a different kind of information.
Finally, keep in mind that in the last few years, there were a few new domain extensions introduced on the market like .guru, .fashion, .travel and more.